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Transport of classes, school children and students for holidays and educational bus tours

LongariBUS offers a bus service perfect for school trips: our a coach with a driver is comfortable, punctual, speedy and economic, and always put in first place the safety of the students and teachers.

The advantages of hiring a tourist bus for your school trips

Whether it is for a day trip or a longer period, the hire of a tourist bus with driver is always a winner. Choose LongariBUS for the following reasons:


LongariBUS always puts in first place the safety of our passengers: we have all the necessary documents for the required vehicle checks and the various licences, up to date and legal. We scrupulously follow the national and international laws that regulate the driving and rest hours of our drivers (REGULATION CE 561/2006). We also periodically plan vehicle controls and checks to ensure that our coaches are always able to maintain maximum efficiency and safety.


Thanks to our tour bus being in category Euro 5 (meaning that it observes the most recent rules of the European Community regarding emissions, pollution and respect of the environment), we have access to places where the entrance is limited to only certain types of vehicles, for example many of the most important cities of art.


Our service offers you a personalised bus service experience to travel directly to where you want: a hotel, a museum, a monument or any other place of interest for you and your students.

Make your trip special and unique

Travelling with a class of students can be enjoyable and rewarding, especially if the bus transport service is organised by professionals as we are, planning together with you each step of your journey. Remember: we can take you to many destinations thank to our tours in Italy, France and the rest of Europe.

Contact us to ask for a quote personalised to your requirements.