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Italian or French Riviera? With us, you don’t have to choose, because we take you to both places with a tour that is one of the most enjoyable and exciting that we can offer. Following the diary of Manolo, let us tell you about the excursions organised by LongariBUS for a German group: we did a complete Riviera travel in Italy, reaching with our bus Portofino and Santa Margherita, and a Nice excursion and beyond.

From 15th / 20th May 2017

On the 15th of May, our group arrived at the International Airport of the Cotè D’ Azur in Nice and LongariBUS was there waiting for them. After baggage collection and reciprocal introductions we left from the airport and made our way to Diano Marina on the Italian Riviera, where the group was staying for the duration of their tour.


After a relaxing first night in their Hotel in Diano Marina, the tiredness of the journey had vanished, and they were ready the following morning for our first adventure together!

Our first destination was Rapallo, among the most visited parts of Eastern Liguria. After arrival, everyone was able to stroll around this lively resort and along the seafront: visiting such places leads you to relaxation, but not for too long, because we had to catch a boat that is going to take to take us to Portofino, the pearl of the Ligurian Riviera. That is, in fact, how you travel to Portofino: you leave for a bit the bus to board a beautiful ferry, taking you among the calm waves of the Ligurian Sea.

The boat trip on a sunny day introduces you to beautiful and colourful villages in the area surrounded by crystal clear and blue water. Portofino has no more than 500 inhabitants, lucky owners of Ligurian style houses and cottages facing directly onto the sea, surrounded by a splendid natural park.

After filling our eyes with these incredible views, we continue to Santa Margherita Ligure, a historic fishing locality, and here we can again relax, and why not, have a proper Italian ice cream; in the late afternoon we return to the hotel in Diano Marina, ready to restore our energy for tomorrow.


The second day of our tour is dedicated to the discovery of the Cotè d’Azur; needless to say, our group is anxious to start: who wouldn’t want a French Riviera holiday?

We are about to visit the Principality of Monaco with the very prestigious area of Monte Carlo, with its roads animated with different and various events, sometimes cultural and sometimes sport-related!

Monte Carlo welcomes us for what will be an unforgettable visit: we are soon making our way into the celebrated main square of old Monaco, in front of the Grimaldi Palace where at 11.55 sharp we can watch the change of the guard ceremony. The following stops are not to be missed: the Exotic Gardens in the area of Les Revoires, a triumph of plants and also the grotto covered with stalagmites.

An experience that our German friends have described as unforgettable and unique has been that of travelling through the Formula 1 circuit, even though we were in a coach! As the race date was approaching, the Formula 1 circuit was almost ready, the grandstands and guard rails were all set up, almost as if we were in the race ourselves.

Following the race track we arrived in the famous Casino Square. Time to try our luck in the Casino of Monte Carlo, have a look at the luxury shops, or maybe an aperitif at the Buddha Bar.

Satisfied we make our way back to Diano Marina.

DAY 3: SANREMO and DOLCEACQUA and WINE TASTING of ROSSESE DOC – Italian Riviera at its best

It doesn’t almost seem possible, but here we are on our 3rd day; without a doubt travelling in good company makes the time fly, and today our touring coach is taking us to the Western side of Liguria, where it is possible to visit a beautiful piece of the famous Italian Riviera.

Our first stop is Sanremo, where we visit the famous promenade: did you know that the palms that line this promenade were a gift to the town from the Russian Czarina in 1874? We now carry on towards the two iconic buildings of Sanremo, the Ariston Theatre and the Casino of Sanremo. The Ariston is the theatre inside of which each year in February the most important Italian song festival takes place, and the Casino of Sanremo is one of only 4 in the Italian Republic.

The second stop takes us inland as we visit the most beautiful medieval village of Dolceacqua. Here awaits us an iconic medieval bridge and a town that climbs up to the castle walls. Our day finishes well with wine tasting at the Antico Frantoio and then a visit to the vineyards of the Rossese DOC.

After a day of discovery of authentic tastes and colours, we return to our hotel, ready for another adventure tomorrow.

DAY 4: EZE VILLAGE, NICE, & St. PAUL de VENCE – Tour in Nice, France

Today is our last day together, and we are ready to explore along with our German friends the final secrets of the French Riviera. Our comfortable coach is taking us to three beautiful parts of the South of France.

Our first stop is at Eze Village, one of the most important centres on the French Riviera, known as the World Capital of the Perfume Industry.
Here we can discover from the Master Perfumier the secrets of the perfume industry first hand by visiting the Parfumerie Fragonard..

With the amazing scents that we have able to sample still lingering, we leave Eze and make our way towards Nice, where we will have a guided visit through the old town, seeing Massena and Garibaldi Square, and then on to the unforgettable Promenade des Anglais.

Our bus tours in Nice, France, are among the most loved ones by our clients. Later on, we move towards another splendid medieval village: it is here that we conclude our day, strolling through the narrow streets of St. Paul de Vence, the town of painters, looking at the studios and showrooms of so many talented people who have made their homes there. And then the return to our hotel in Diano Marina.


The time has come, so we take our friendly group to the airport, since their flight departs at 15.05 from Nice; we said a sad goodbye, but I know their days here were full and enjoyable, and we will hopefully see each other soon again.

The bus tour of the South of France, passing through the Italian and French Riviera, is one of the most popular that we organise; if you are interested contact us to book yours, as always with no obligation.

The time has come to take our friendly group to airport…too early we hope for them, and us too ! Their flight left at 15.05 from Nice, we said a sad goodbye, but I know their days here were full and enjoyable.