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Tour Of Umbria

If we say ‘The Green Heart of Italy’ what comes to your mind? Exactly, we are talking about Umbria, one of the regions of Italy that has the most beautiful landscapes and nature.

Just recently our coach took a friendly group of people from Diano Marina on a trip that lasted several days. Let’s read together Manolo’s diary and from his words discover some more about this tour created by LongariBUS.

DAI 1 Perugia

When we meet at the appointed time and place, dawn had just broken and we are all a little tired and quiet: we have in front of us a long journey that in a few hours will take us from the Western side of Liguria to the green of Umbria. Thankfully our coach is a touring coach, the best solution for coach travelling, from luxury and comfortable seats to all other comforts.

Once the baggage has been loaded we are off. Our first stop is the magical Perugia, a city full of history, that will also be our base for the next few days.

6 hours we arrive in the town: Perugia is very welcoming and salutes us with sunshine. Time for a stop at the hotel to freshen up, then shortly afterward we meet up in the hotel hall and prepare for a city tour.

We are taken away by the antique roads in this city of art. Perugia is medieval but has a touch of the antiquity of the Etruscan city. We visit the historic centre that dominates the roofs of the town, walking through the streets and under the famous arches of Via Maestà delle Volte, we look at the celebrated Fontana Maggiore, the masterpiece of the Pisano Brothers, and of course, we visit Rocca Paolina.

A little tired we return to our hotel to rest. Tomorrow is another important day.

DAY 2 Assisi and Spello

We wake up early, not wanting to miss even a minute of sun: the day is fantastic, perfect for our tour to the marvellous Assisi!

We board our coach and are soon on our way; our destination is not too far, but we want to get there early.

Assisi is the city famous for Saint Francesco and Saint Clare: looking around as we walk through the streets, we are somewhat able to connect the thoughts of the two saints with the tranquillity of this area. Our visit is concentrated on the two most important places of interest here: the Basilica of Saint Francis and the Basilica of Saint Clare.

We leave the calm of Assisi for another beautiful place, Spello, and arrive there in the afternoon.

Spello is a splendid town full of ancient history, founded by the Umbrians, and that, later on, became the Roman Hispellum, defined by Cesare as the ‘splendid colony Julia’. We walk through old streets of the town, with the characteristic houses in stone and bright colours. We cannot miss visiting the famous church of Santa Maria Maggiore and its Baglioni Chapel, and walking the famous Roman Wall from which open the three gates into the city, Porta Urbica, Porta Consolare and Porta Venere.

Tired but happy we return to our hotel and base in Perugia.

DAY 3 Cascata delle Marmore, Spoletto and wine tasting in Montefalco

The 3rd day is the one that is more looked forward to by the admirers of nature and landscapes. Make sure you have comfortable shoes on because we leave for our first stop, the famous Marmore falls!

The falls are profound up to a height of 165m, among the highest in Europe, and surrounded by a spectacular natural park. This is something really incredible, and both the group and myself are speechless in front of this gift of nature.

After numerous photos, we are off again, as we have so many other things to see: our next step is Spoleto.

Spoleto is an ancient city of Umbria, and once more we stroll around the old roads. We are here to see the cities two most important attractions: the magnificent Duomo containing frescoes by Filippo Lippi recounting the history of the Virgin Mary, and the Rocca Albornoziana, the fortress that rises above the city from the hills of Sant’Elia.

We covered quite a distance today, and sure we grew an appetite, so thank goodness we are able to enjoy a wine tasting with snacks in Montefalcone, before returning to our Hotel in Perugia.

DAY 4 Gubbio and return journey

The last day of our tour has arrived, but we are not sad: we will take with us memories of the fantastic places that we have seen, and are still looking forward to visiting Gubbio. However, for now, we have to say goodbye to the beautiful Perugia.

Like the other towns that we have visited, Gubbio has a long and fascinating history, and this can be seen in its historical and cultural monuments. We have the energy and will to visit the Palazzo dei Consoli and the Bargello Palace, and finish with Spedal Grande.
Time to leave, and we do so with a heavy heart: Gubbio, as all of Umbria, preserves an enormous quantity of natural treasures, historical, naturalistic, artistic and religious, and there is always so much more.

The time has come, I am ready at the wheel, all checks aboard have been made, the group is all here, and we will now return to Imperia.

Another fantastic tour organised by LongariBUS has finished; would you like to organise another one? Get in touch, no obligation!!