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Whether you are on a cruise ship arriving at the famous Palacrociere in Savona or just a tourist visiting the beautiful city, organizing a day trip in the surrounding area is always a good idea. And if the group is made up of many travellers and you decide to do it by bus with a driver, it’s even better: the more you are, the more fun you have, plus the costs are more affordable. Let’s find out some ideas to spend a special day in Liguria: here are three suggestions for your excursion by coach from Savona.

Savona: the ideal base for many day trips!

In the future, we will dedicate an article to Savona and the hidden beauties of this city full of surprises, dominated by the historic Priamar fortress. For now, we focus on the easily reachable destinations from the city, which are many and interesting. Because of its position in Liguria, Savona is the perfect base to reach marvellous villages inland and by the sea, with access on one side to the Riviera Ligure di Ponente and to the beauties of the French Riviera, on the other to Genoa and the territory and the attractions of “La Superba”.

Genoa and the Aquarium

The first destination we suggest of course is the main city of Liguria: lately on the pages of the most prestigious international travel magazines, Genoa offers an unmissable range of events, prestigious exhibitions, festivals and concerts. In addition to this, the city features the famous Aquarium, a destination for national and international tourism thanks to the enormous amount of species of aquatic fauna and flora, and the classy area of ​​the Old Port. The famous historic centre, unique in its kind, is a labyrinth that hides ancient historical and artistic treasures at every corner. A tour by bus in Genoa is perfect to do in just one day: located a few kilometres from Savona, it is ideal to enjoy a complete visit and be back during the same day.

Balestrino and Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena

Do you love the fascinating places of the Ligurian hinterland? Then you should organize an excursion by rental coach in Balestrino and the nearby Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena. Among the lesser known but not least fascinating, there destinations are definitely worth a visit.

Balestrino castle, Liguria, Italy

Balestrino is a magnificent village behind the Loano-Borghetto Santo Spirito area with two souls: the modern and inhabited one and the one of the old village, now in ruins, which offers a taste of a ghost town. The old town, which today is unusable due to stability problems but undergoing restoration, is dominated by the Del Carretto castle.

Why not continue and reach the wonderful Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena? Elected among the most beautiful towns in Italy, it is a truly enchanting place that immediately catapults you into a fairy tale, also thanks to the imposing castle that stands on the characteristic stone village.


Part of the town of Finale Ligure, Finalborgo is certainly one of Liguria’s most fascinating and creative locations: an independent medieval village until 1927, in the past capital of the Marquisate of Finale, Finalborgo is a place in itself, characterized by an incredible historic centre/ citadel between whose streets alternate creative, colourful shops, artistic workshops and charming little cafes. A place of shopping, history and art, in which there is always some event to attend!

We hope to have provided you with good ideas for your next daily coach hire out of Savona. Don’t forget to contact us to discover all the comfort and safety of a LongariBus trip!