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A Provence itinerary: Valensole and the lavender fields

One of the most popular bus tours in France asked for by the groups that we accompany is that to Valensole, that passing through the Provence itinerary take you to a day excursion to a stunning town immersed in the lavender fields. Let’s read Manolo’s diary to know a little bit more about this zone, along with those fortunate enough to join in on this tour with LongariBUS.

Day Excursion to Valensole: a French Riviera itinerary

Who has any experience in day excursions knows that the early morning is always the best time to travel. I meet early my group for today – friendly tourists from Liguria and Piemonte – and at 7 am we depart. Yesterday I checked the forecast, and we are lucky, the sun will be with us for the whole day, both in Italy and France. I make sure everyone is comfortable and settled in my touring coach, and off we go for one of our South of France tours!

Bus tours in France: among Manolo’s favourites

The best part about driving during these day excursions is the road ahead of me: I love driving, I have been doing it for many years, and the kilometres that I have to drive for me are no problem. In the meantime, my passengers can enjoy the comfort of the coach: the seats are so soft that if you close your eyes, you could think you were in your own armchair. But no, you are on the bus, we are making our way to a stunning town, and we will soon be there.

Valensole is beautiful and strikes you even before you arrive. The old town is situated in a dominant position in the valley, on the hill of the same name, but what catches your eye is not the position or the town, but the fascinating surroundings made up of sunflower fields, and most of all lavender, the Queen of Provence. We are here now as it’s July: the lavender fields are in flower and release in the air an acute and fresh scent. We can smell it as we arrive in the town, and see a mist of colours, lilac, mauve, and fuchsia.

When our group notices this sight that is surrounding us, they can’t do other than taking all of the cameras out, and like this we enter the town.

We leave the coach and follow our guide: and we soon see that she is an expert in the area, she is not new to France guided tours, and she enjoys what she is doing. In a magical place such as this it would be difficult not to do so.

France guided tours in Valensole, a town surrounded by lavender, the Queen of Provence

Our visit starts with a walk through the old stone streets, and we see the splendid viewing balconies that look down onto the lavender fields. Another spectacular sight: walking through the village we see the historic fountain of Piazza Thiers, dating back to 1700.

We visit the lavender market, and after having purchased a few souvenirs to take home as a testimony of our Provence itinerary, we stop for our picnic lunch.

In the afternoon we visit a famous distillery in the town, where many products are created from lavender. The perfume is incredible, and our guide explains to us the interesting procedures with which they are made, and have been made, generation after generation from these French families who cultivate the lavender and make their living from it.

Finally, the long awaited moment, the main reason for our bus tour in France: our guide takes us to the lavender fields. Having seen them only from a distance, we can’t wait to immerse ourselves in their colour! After countless photos we make our way back to our coach; we would love to stay longer, but we must leave. We are all happy, and will be taking home with us vivid memories of our bus tour in France that will be treasured for a long time.

Did you know that half-way through July Valensole holds a lavender festival, famous in all the South of France?
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